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Glass Stones

Glass Stones

Material: The stones are made by using abrasives such as WA and an inorganic compound binder. Most of man-made stones are made by vitrified resinous, and cement consolidation. These stones are made differently from them. Properties characteristics: The main feature of WA abrasive is its ability to cut hard steels faster and wear slowly. Each stone has a very consistent particle size resulting in a smoother finish as each consequent grain is closer and sharpens out the previous grind mark. The reason for laminating the stone with tempered is to keep the abrasive part as flat as much as possible because the stone usually distorts after water penetration. *All stones except the #16000 have very consistent abrasive particles and narrow range of grit size (close to the average size indicated). #16000 has a very wide range of abrasive particles so you can sharpen out #2000 grit grind mark. As per the Directions for Use, don't keep the stones in water. Just sprinkle with a little water before sharpening. You should keep the stone flat by using a Diamond Lapping Plate or similar flattening medium. Our Lapping Plate will keep the stone flatness to less than ±4micron tolerance. For kitchen knives, keeping flatness may not be as important as with woodworking tools. CAUTIONS FOR GLASS STONES Stop using immediately if the glass is either broken or cracked on impact. Take care that the sharpening slurry is not left on the stone after using otherwise it may bond with the stone on drying. Take care that glass stones are not kept in water. Otherwise, it will greatly shorten the durability of the stone. Avoid storing in the places which reach high or low temperatures. Extreme temperatures will cause cracking. Take care that glass stones are not placed in a location subject to direct sunlight. The stones may get weathered and cause cracking. Take care that glass stones are not dried rapidly with fan, drier, etc. This will cause breaking or cracking. Take care that hot water is not put on glass stones. This will cause breaking or cracking. Take care that detergent is not used for glass stones. This will cause loss of sharpening capability.
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