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Mobile Sharpening Service

Mobile Sharpening Service


Japanese Knife Company now offers a mobile sharpening service in Central London.

Kitchen knives

For too long now, the busy chef who doesn't have the time to visit us, has been forced into getting his precious tools sharpened by what we call 'knife butchers' - guys who come around in vans with heavy grinding equipment that not only destroys the temper and profile of the edge but wears them so fast that you can see the knife disappearing in front of your eyes.

Now there is a choice, our mobile service will come and pick up knives from your place of work or home, take them to our workshop, where an experienced sharpening technician will hand sharpen your treasured blades, and bring them back (within a max. 48 hours - though we try to provide a same day return whenever possible) to their maximum potential - all on waterstones in the traditional Japanese way. We only ask that you have a minimum of 25 knives for this service. We charge 75p per inch of edge for this service - so an 8 inch cooks knife will cost £6.00 (incl. VAT) to bring back to its full glory.

For busy restaurants with several chefs in the kitchen, with a minimum of 25 knives needing attention, our technician will come to your kitchen with his equipment, stones and polishers etc. and do the work at your premises. 

Table knives

Restaurants spend time and money in sourcing the finest produce and the talent of great chefs to produce an outstanding plate of food. Unfortunately, many times this effort is TOTALLY wasted because the table knife provided is so blunt that even the tenderest piece of Wagyu feels like shoe leather when the diner tries to cut it! Quite frankly they might as well have served up a cooked boot!! For a few pennies a month, our table knife sharpening service will provide the diner with a knife that matches the quality of the dish.  

Our service ensures that minimum grinding providing maximum life is used so that even heavily serrated knives maintain their edge profiles and work at their best.

Contact us for more details for this amazing service. Its far more economic than you may imagine!!!


Tony McCobey
36 Baker Street,

T: 07903280877
E: mobileservice@jkcl.co.uk