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Warikome Collection

Warikome Collection

Warikome refers to the uniquely Japanese technique of blade making by laminating a strong central piece of steel with two softer outer layers. We have christened this three piece collection Warikome because these blades embody aims we have been striving to achieve for a long time; super sharp edges that can endure for as long as modern Damascus blades whilst being easy to polish and re-sharpen at a price usually associated with single layer blades. The central core of VG10 Super steel at an HRC 62 + / - 1 ­is harder than virtually any commercially available blade thus providing incredibly long edge retention. The two outer layers of high carbon stainless make this exceptionally enduring edge to be nearly as easy to polish and re-sharpen as the much loved but rather impractical shirogami (or high carbon steel that taints). So the Warikome Collection blades are within the reach of any truly enthusiastic home cook as well as most professionals. These comfortable easy to maintain knives represent exceptional value and will provide many years of excellent service. The three models are: GYUTO 180mm ¬ 7.2’ This most versatile of shapes provides. SANTOKU 165mm ¬ 6.6’ Literally translated this means to meet three challenges; slicing, dicing and mincing. The unusually even feel of this broad blade allows the user to both slice straight down whilst the gentle central curve allows for easy professional NAKIRI 170mm 6.8’ Used exclusively in Japanese homes as a vegetable knife the nakiri looks to Western eyes like a cleaver; it is a very long way from such a rough heavy handed instrument. The original ‘kataha’ (single bevelled) form of the nakiri is called usuba. Usu means fine, ba means edge. So it is the absolute reverse of a cleaver being the ideal instrument to create paper-thin slices of potato, to slice, dice and mince onions as fine as you want and get infinitesimally tiny.
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