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Sirou Kamo

Sirou Kamo

Hand forged by Master Blacksmith Sirou Kamo this 11 layer Shirogami (White Steel) collection is amongst the finest examples of Takefu Hot Forging. A very thin layer of Shirogami Steel is sandwiched between 5 layers of soft iron steel and then forged with a belt hammer first and then with an engineering hammer on an anvil to straighten and realign any distortions and knock out impurities. After final quenching, the blade achieves an outstanding 62:64 HRC hardness and the ultra thin, light blade cuts like a surgeon’s scalpel whilst being extremely easy to re-sharpen. As the blade is constructed from traditional carbon steel it needs to be washed dried and oiled immediately to prevent excessive oxidisation. Without this care these blades will oxidise. Note: These blades will oxidise if left damp or wet and should be dried immediately after washing and oiled with a little vegetable oil or Tsubaki (Camelia oil available in the accessories section). These knives are very easy to sharpen on a KC100 Water Wheel, a diamond steel or a 1000 grit whetstone.
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