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Seki SG2 Collection

Seki SG2 Powder Steel Collection
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  1. Seki SG2 Utility 150mm

    Seki SG2 Utility 150mm
  2. Seki SG2 Slicer 250mm

    Seki SG2 Slicer 250mm
  3. Premium Seki Knife & Stone Set Premium Seki Knife & Stone Set

    Premium Seki Knife & Stone Set

    A kitchen knife is an essential tool for good cooking. Quality knives make you confident, creative and help you cook better food. Owning one great knife enables you to enjoy its cutting experience through years because the knife will last a lifetime when cared for properly. As an experienced knife manufacturer for more than 60 years in Japan, our goal is to deliver our best quality knife to as many people as possible and to satisfy them. 1x Seki SG2 Powder Steel Chefs Knife 200mm 1x Combination Whetstone 1000/3000 grits 1x Non-Slip Stone Holder Rubber 1x Angle Guide for Sharpening on Whetstone 1x Sand Rubber to remove rust 1x Premium Wooden Storage Box ( Lacquer)

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3 Item(s)