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Nashiji Collection

Nashiji Collection

This collection is named after the original bullet train – fast, smooth and efficient. A single layer of High Carbon Stain Resistant Steel is forged to create an ultra-sharp edge that is enduring and relatively easy to maintain. The finish on these knives is called Nashiji (pear skin) and reduces the sticking of foods with high levels of fat, oil or starch. Made in the knife making city of Seki in Gifu prefecture by a long established factory, the cold forged blades are a great introduction to the qualities of Japanese knives at a very accessible price. The knives have a half tang and 2 rivets with Pakka Wood handles.
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  1. Nashiji Utility 120mm

    Nashiji Utility 120mm
  2. Nashiji Nakiri 165mm

    Nashiji Nakiri 165mm
  3. Nashiji Deba 150mm

    Nashiji Deba 150mm
  4. Nashiji Santoku 165mm

    Nashiji Santoku 165mm
  5. Nashiji Sashimi 210mm

    Nashiji Sashimi 210mm
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5 Item(s)