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JKC R2 Ironwood

JKC R2 Ironwood

The JKC R2 Ironwood Collection knives not only bewitch the eye with their intricately complex beauty but also provide a breathtakingly silky cutting action. The JKC 101 Layers Ironwood Collection is the result of a liberty hall approach where all the usual cost, labour and time limitations were removed. It did not take long for us to settle on Masami-san as our maker. He is a master nokaji of extraordinary talent from the famous knife-making area of Takefu.Masami-san works in his own workshop, as well as in a fascinating place called Knife Bridge, which is operated by the knife makers guild of Takefu. We already sell knives from the famous Takefu Knife Village Association made by another nokaji working in this co-operative – namely Saji, Sirou Kamo and Kitaoka. 

Knife Bridge consists of a large; two story room with about a dozen workstations, each with its own fire furnace for working with steel.  High above the working craftsmen is a long runway-like bridge, upon which guests can walk and view the amazing knife making process.

Having met, and worked with some of the best blacksmiths in Japan, we were so impressed with the work of Masami san that we decided to commission him to create JKC's most awesome collection of knives;  the remit being very simple, all the usual limitations to be removed. He was to have total freedom to use whatever materials and methods available to create the most stunning knives possible. 

With the aim of creating a blade that could outperform any knife we currently sell we settled on a new steel from Kobe Steel Company (Kobelco) called R2 and asked TSS to especially laminate a 50 layer soft steel bar so Masami san could sandwich a layer of the hard R2 in the middle of two of these layers to create a base material of 101 layers.

Also, where common wooden handles last only a few decades when used constantly in a wet professional kitchen, these handles are crafted from extremely hard Ironwood so they can outlast the extremely demanding life of the busy chef.

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  1. JKC R2 Ironwood Utility 150mm

    The Saji R2 Ironwood Utility 150mm utility blade has extra versatility and allows for easy filleting of fish and game. The Utilty is the most familiar to western eyes and makes a wonderfully comfortable general knife for less experienced cooks. It is actually designed for performing intricate tasks such as fluting, peeling and paring or working on fish and small game. SPECIAL NOTES: Not to be used on bone or for ANY kind of twisting or prising. CUT ONLY on wood or HDP. Do not allow Knives to be abused as screwdrivers, tin openers or for any use other than food preparation. ONLY FOR CULINARY USE.
  2. JKC R2 Ironwood Santoku 180mm

    Santoku literally translates as ‘three benefits’ – slicing, dicing and mincing of vegetables, meat and fish and is the classic Japanese chefs’ knife shape. This shape is now becoming a byword for anyone looking for a Japanese style blade. With a wide blade with a relatively straight edge this is the perfect knife for general food preparation. In a professional kitchen this shape is best for the prep, garnish and vegetable sections. In profile, the blade is straight for about 60% of the edge and then curves softly to the tip. The breadth of this gently curved blade is ideally suited for resting against the knuckle for total control and speed as well as complete safety when chopping straight down using the very back of the knife for grater like mincing of garlic, ginger etc.

  3. JKC R2 Ironwood Gyuto (3 sizes)

    The Saji R2 Ironwood Gyuto is probably one of the most desirable chefs' knives money can buy. Gyuto – meaning cow sword, is designed to make light work of slicing, dicing and filleting raw meat and fish. It is the Japanese adaptation of the classic French cooks' knife. This familiar looking blade represents optimal versatility as it tapers from broad base to narrow point allowing efficient contact cutting, slicing and occasional carving. The curved edge profile facilitates easy rolling action. The Gyuto is narrower, making it able to cope with fatty, starchy, oily or any other foods that have a tendency to stick to the side of the blade. If you require the knife to cut more raw / cooked flesh (meat or fish) than vegetables and want to double it up for occasional carving or only use/prefer a classic western style shape, then the Gyuto is ideal. SPECIAL NOTES: Not to be used on bone or for ANY kind of twisting or prising. CUT ONLY on wood or HDP. Do not allow Knives to be abused as screwdrivers, tin openers or for any use other than food preparation. ONLY FOR CULINARY USE. Includes: One Free Sharpening

  4. JKC R2 Ironwood Slicer (2 sizes)

    The Sujihiki is a long narrow blade designed for slicing raw or cooked flesh (meat, poultry, game & fish) with consummate ease. The reduced surface area means that even the most fatty or oily flesh does not stick to the side of the blade. Whether you want transparent slices of Carpaccio, to glide through carving the Sunday roast or to portion fish or meat this blade will transform these tricky challenges into satisfyingly pleasurable rituals.
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4 Item(s)