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JKC AUS10 Collection

JKC AUS10 Collection

Over the past 10 years or so, VG10 (a High Carbon Super steel) has been used in the manufacture of high-end knife by the best makers. Whilst this is a fantastic material when forged to create a high-density blade to add toughness it can be harder to re-sharpen than the normal Japanese hot forged that are used with a ‘soft’ hand. As many of our chefs work in environments where the knife is used very heavily and often abused! We wanted a knife capable of withstanding such conditions whilst still capable of razor-edge sharpness that is easy to maintain. In conjunction with the workshop in Seki that makes our Yasuo Collection we decided to cold forge a 3 layer steel with an AUS 10 core rather than the VG10 of the 33 layer Yasuo Series. AUS 10 is easier to sharpen but than VG10 and to increase the toughness of we use 3 layers rather than 33 Layer steel, so the core is thicker and with the cold forging the crystalline structure is denser. Chefs are reporting that at under £100 for a Santoku this is an amazing knife and sure to delight the most fastidious user. The series has a 135mm Paring, 180mm Santoku, 180mm Gyuto, 210mm Gyuto and 240mm Slicing/carving blade.
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