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Glestain Collection

Glestain Collection

Without question, this Monosteel series of High Carbon Acutop Stainless with double ‘Granton’ blades, provide the best ‘non adhering’ knives available today. Acutop is a speciality steel capable of holding an enduring edge of surgical sharpness. With the added butt cap on the handle for balance and weight these knives have no comparable alternative. Users like Tom Aikins are a testament to their heritage and performance in the busiest kitchens across the world
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  1. Glestain Utility (2 sizes)

    Glestain Utility (2 sizes)
  2. Glestain Honesuki 150mm

    Glestain Honesuki 150mm
  3. Glestain Garasuki 190mm

    Glestain Garasuki 190mm
  4. Glestain Offset 180mm

    Glestain Offset 180mm
  5. Glestain Gyuto (4 sizes)

    Glestain Gyuto (4 sizes)
  6. Glestain Sujihiki (7 sizes)

    Glestain Sujihiki (7 sizes)
Set Descending Direction


6 Item(s)