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Western Knives

Western Knives

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  1. Miyabi 5000MCD set of 2 Miyabi 5000MCD set of 2

    Miyabi 5000MCD set of 2

    The MIYABI 5000MCD series of knives combine perfect functionality and ergonomics with a unique design. Each individual knife is an authentic masterpiece made in Seki City, Japan using traditional Japanese craftsmanship in synergy with modern technology and materials to create a blade of the highest quality that is unmatched by any other commercially produced knife. The extremely hard core of Micro Carbide MC63 powder steel is encased in 100 layers of steel of two different grades of hardness. A special blade treatment alters the surface structure of every layer, giving each blade its individual pattern and then given its authentic Japanese Honbazuke honing by hand. The tempering process results in a central core hardness of 63 HRC after final quenching. Each knife has a unique Katana cutting edge, a visible sign of master craftsmanship that is reminiscent of the blades of Japanese swords. Traditionally, these swords received their individual Hamon, the line dividing the less hard blade body from the extremely hard cutting edge, by hand. Each handle is made of top-quality Masur Birch and is totally unique. The structure of the wood out of which the handle has been crafted is revealed through the interplay of lines and stripes. The warmth of the natural wood contrasts attractively with the steel blade. A mosaic pin and decorative end cap provide the finishing touches to this sophisticated look.

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  2. Miyabi 5000 MCD Nakiri 170mm

    Miyabi 5000 MCD Nakiri 170mm Miyabi 5000MCD Nakiri, or Japanese vegetable knife, with a 17cm blade. MC63 steel core - 101 total layers CRYODUR ice-hardened blade Honbazuke hand-honed edge Masur Birch D-shaped handle Mosaic pin in handle MIYABI logo end cap For best results wash by hand Made by MIYABI in Seki, Japan
  3. Miyabi 5000MCD 67 Santoku 180mm

    MIYABI 5000MCD 67 Santoku, 18cm blade. This Japanese santoku has an extremely hard MicroCarbide powder steel core for excellent cutting edge retention and sharpness. Santoku is the best-selling Japanese blade shape and the name translates as "Three Virtues", these being meat, fish and vegetables. The flat cutting edge lends itself to a chopping motion rather than the rocking cutting movement of European chef's knives. The blade core is surrounded by 132 outer layers of steel which make up the unique Damascus-design pattern on the blade. The cutting edge is Honbazuke-honed and symmetrical (not single bevel), so can be used by those both right and left-handed. There is no finger guard so the whole length of the cutting edge can be used. The black Ash wood handle sits comfortably in the hand, allowing firm control and tireless working. As with anything this special, care should be taken. It's recommended to hand wash only, maintain and sharpen on a whetstone and using glass, ceramic or stone cutting boards should be avoided. Extremely hard MicroCarbide powder steel blade core 132 layers of steel surrounding the core create the Damascus-design CRYODUR ice-hardened for extreme hardness Rockwell hardness of approximately 66 Symmetrical cutting edge Wooden handle Steel end-cap and handle mosaic pin Made by MIYABI in Japan
  4. Miyabi 5000 MCD Santoku 180mm

    Santoku literally translates as ‘three benefits’ – slicing, dicing and mincing - and is the shape of a traditional Japanese chef’s knife. The breadth of the Santoku and its gently curved profile make this an ideal tool for speed cutting against knuckle. This technique provides safe comfortable cutting action ONLY when the fingertips are clawed well away from the edge with the blade resting on knuckle. This most versatile blade makes an ideal main knife for those who cut more fruit and vegetables, with occasional meat and fish preparation.

    SPECIAL NOTES: Not to be used on bone or for ANY kind of twisting or prising. CUT ONLY on wood or HDP. Do not allow Knives to be abused as screwdrivers, tin openers or for any use other than food preparation. ONLY FOR CULINARY USE.

  5. Miyabi 5000MCD Rocking Santoku

    Miyabi 5000MCD Rocking Santoku with an 18cm blade. MC63 steel core - 101 total layers CRYODUR ice-hardened blade Honbazuke hand-honed edge Masur Birch D-shaped handle Mosaic pin in handle MIYABI logo end cap For best results wash by hand Made by MIYABI in Seki, Japan
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