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Western Knives

Western Knives

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  1. JKC R2 Cowbone Slicer (2 sizes) JKC R2 Cowbone Slicer (2 sizes)

    JKC R2 Cowbone Slicer (2 sizes)

    A slicing knife for consummate preparation of boneless fish, meat & game and the perfect carving blade. The length and weight make this an essential tool for any professional or passionate cook who works with flesh. The 240mm length is for those comfortable with a long, weightier blade and is often the preferred partner of busy chefs. SPECIAL NOTES: Hand wash only. Not to be used on bone or for ANY kind of twisting or prising. CUT ONLY on wood or HDP. Do not allow Knives to be abused as screwdrivers, tin openers or for any use other than food preparation. ONLY FOR CULINARY USE.
  2. JKC R2 Ironwood Slicer (2 sizes) JKC R2 Ironwood Slicer (2 sizes)

    JKC R2 Ironwood Slicer (2 sizes)

    The Sujihiki is a long narrow blade designed for slicing raw or cooked flesh (meat, poultry, game & fish) with consummate ease. The reduced surface area means that even the most fatty or oily flesh does not stick to the side of the blade. Whether you want transparent slices of Carpaccio, to glide through carving the Sunday roast or to portion fish or meat this blade will transform these tricky challenges into satisfyingly pleasurable rituals.
  3. Miyabi 5000 MCD Sujihiki 240mm

    240 mm Sujihiki or slicing knife for consummate preparation of fish, meat & game and the perfect carving blade. The length and unique hamaguri grind makes this an essential size shape for any professional or passionate cook faced with the challenge of preparing and presenting many different kinds of flesh. The 'Hamaguri' grind imbues greater life to the fine edge so over time regular users of this much loved slicer notice that this narrow blade outlasts European versions not just during the process of carving/slicing but the actual life time of the knife. The fine hand crafted edge will need far less sharpening than single layer or machine made blades and benefits enourmously from simply being 'stropped' or swept gently on newspaper or special leather strop 5 to 10 times after every 2 or 3 uses.

    SPECIAL NOTES: Not to be used on bone or for ANY kind of twisting or prising. CUT ONLY on wood or HDP. Do not allow Knives to be abused as screwdrivers, tin openers or for any use other than food preparation. ONLY FOR CULINARY USE.

  4. Miyabi 5000MCD 67 Sujihiki 240mm

    The Japanese Sujihiki knife is a true all-rounder and an added attraction to your kitchen. This long 24 cm sharp knife is produced in a masterful way with excellent materials, so it effortlessly cuts all kinds of food. Its appearance, typical of traditional Japanese knives, stands out for its attractive design. Its blade is inspired by the shape of the famous Japanese swords: the katanas. The Sujihiki knife has a CRYODOR® blade, with a core made of high grade MC66 powder steel surrounded by 132 layers of damask steel. The special manufacturing process of the blade provides a unique and very attractive damask design. The cold hardening (at -196º C) ensures the hardness, stability and retention of the edge of the blade. Both sides of the blade of the Miyabi Sujihiki knife are polished, giving the knife the Japanese profile of its blade and a unique cutting edge thanks to Honbazuke sharpening. The black ash handle is of the highest quality and is made of wood with the traditional D shape of Japanese knives. Its size and shape produce an optimal balance, so that this knife is pleasant to the touch, regardless of the cutting work. The attractive design of the ash wood shows a unique pattern, just like the leaf. You can enjoy the preparation of delicious dishes thanks to this Japanese knife Suhihiki Miyabi 5000MCD 67 series of damask steel. Resistant to corrosion Blade made with 133 layers of steel and a Microcarbide core to achieve a hardness of 66 Rockwell Japanese authentic leaf profile The symmetric blade with Honbazuke edge ensures unparalleled sharpness Traditional D-shaped handle made of black ash wood.
  5. Nesmuk Exclusive Slicer 160mm

    The art of forging in perfection

    The long quest for the perfect knife

    It is way more than just a commodity for everyday use: The Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE bears the heritage of thousands of years and gives its user a wholly different individual power. Being the forefather of the knife, the biface is among the oldest tools in almost all human societies and is seen as the symbol for the rise of mankind in evolutionary terms. It is a truly archaic object that, refined into the knife, has served as an indispensable tool up to the present. Only the fascination of the primordial has vanished in the course of industrialisation and mass production.

    The knife manufacturer Nesmuk has set itself the task of reviving old values with traditional craftsmanship and, at the same time, to meet the highest demands regarding sharpness, blade geometry and aesthetics. As a result, the Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE is an unparalleled chef’s and kitchen knife of superlative style and quality. Like all Nesmuk knives, it is based on the basic form of a 3,500 year old knife type. Drawing on many years of studies and comparative analytical tests, highly skilled precision craftsmanship and the uncompromised aim to reach the optimum in sum, Nesmuk has fully perfected the knife. About four dozen individual steps are required for the production of the Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE in a process that involves passion and ideals: from forge welding and forging, tempering and annealing, to the wet grinding of the double-sided hollow ground blade and the mounting of the handle. Heated up in glowing fire at a temperature of more than 1,000 degrees, the red glowing blade blank is forged on the anvil, formed by targeted, elemental hammer blows. From 400 layers of Damascus steel and a cutting edge in finest black carbon steel, which can be seen under the wild Damascus pattern, a fine blade is crafted with outstanding hardness of 64 – 65 Rockwell (HRC) and long-term edge retention. For numerous well-known top chefs as well as connoisseurs of the particular and authentic, the Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE is the first choice in knives. There is a variety of 17 different handles of precious woods or selected special synthetics such as micarta, juma ivory or juma black and a choice of steel, silver, gold platinum collars available. Special requests are gladly taken into account at an extra cost. Each Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE knife with cutting edge is shipped in a luxurious piano lacquer box and with a high-quality leather sheath.

    Layers: 400

    Thickness: 4mm

    Available in handle options: Amboina, Bahia Rosenhls, Bog-Oak, Cocobolo, Eukalyptus, Grenadill, Makassar and Walnuss.

    NOTE: This knife is made on special requests that means it can take upto 3 weeks to get in stock once ordered.

  6. Zuiun Slicer 240mm

    Zuiun Slicer 240mm
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6 Item(s)