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Western Knives

Western Knives

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  1. Yasuo 33 Layers Santoku 165mm

    Made to a JKC custom design. We have contracted the best commercial maker in Seki to produce this range of 33 Layer hammer beaten Damascus blades to suit the needs of the typical Western kitchen which often has users that utilise a more European method to cut – using force rather than edge length. The cold forged blade is tough, hard and easy to look after . At this price point this si the best knife we sell. The sharpening, with the ultra-thin core is very easy and remains so over the many years this knife is designed to be used in a busy kitchen.

  2. Miyako 33 Layers Santoku (2 sizes)

    Miyako 33 Layers Santoku (2 sizes) One of our most affordable ranges of high end Damascus knives! With a core of Hitachi AUS 8 steel, a high Carbon stainless steel (.8% - .95%C), that has the capacity to be hardened and toughened to a high level, it holds a sharp and enduring edge that is easy to regrind. The 33 layer blade is forged by a small family-run factory under the expert eyes of Oda san, a 4th generation blacksmith. Surgical sharpness, easy maintenance and an appealing aesthetic - all at the most accessible price. The D-shaped handles are formed from laminated hardwood and have a stainless steel bolster and end cap for comfort and balance.
  3. Hammer Santoku 180mm

    Hammer Santoku 180mm

  4. Hasegawa Santoku 180mm

    Santoku literally translates as ‘three benefits’ – slicing, dicing and mincing - and is the shape of a traditional Japanese chef’s knife. The breadth of the Santoku and its gently curved profile make this an ideal tool for speed cutting against knuckle. This technique provides safe comfortable cutting action ONLY when the fingertips are clawed well away from the edge with the blade resting on the knuckle. This most versatile blade makes an ideal main knife for those who cut more fruit and vegetables, with occasional meat and fish preparation.

    SPECIAL NOTES: Handwash Only. Not to be used on bone or for ANY kind of twisting or prising. CUT ONLY on wood or HDP. Do not allow Knives to be abused as screwdrivers, tin openers or for any use other than food preparation. ONLY FOR CULINARY USE.

  5. Senzo Small Santoku 143mm

    Senzo 33 Layers VG10
  6. Tojiro DP VG10 Santoku 170mm

    Tojiro DP VG10 Santoku 170mm
  7. Kida 63 Layers Santoku 170mm

    Kida 63 Layers Santoku 170mm
  8. Miyabi Isshin Santoku 170mm

    Miyabi Isshin Santoku

  9. Hokiyama Tsuchime Santoku 180mm

    Hokiyama Tsuchime Santoku

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10 Item(s)