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Suradai Kataha

Suradai Kataha

This trio of blades is amongst the most outstanding yanagiba’s in the business. They epitomise the leading edge of Japanese hand knife making. Yanagiba translates as ‘thin willow leaf edge’ and, just as the European carving knife is narrow and should be outrageously sharp so this right-handed single bevel blade makes the most spectacular carving knife. Whilst designed specifically for filleting, slicing and precision cutting of tuna, salmon, mackerel, etc this blade makes the ultimate flesh slicing, carving, cutting blade. However, it is strictly designed for boneless flesh, as the extremely keen and delicate edge is prone to chipping if abused by subjecting to bone. The highly skilled nokaji responsible for this amazing trio decided to use 16 thin layers with the cutting edge – the 17th layer – being VG10 steel – relatively hard sitting at HRC; 62 + / - 1, and, by laminating that with outer layers of carefully judged soft stainless, very good edge longevity and when applied correctly easy re-sharpening is ensured. So these 17 layer blades are reassuringly well made strictly by hand and their beauty is equalled by their silky enduring edges, this makes the Suradai Yanagiba trio amongst the very finest Yanagiba you can get for just under double their price. These outrageously silky carving and slicing knives belong in the breathtaking category of sharpness and edge retention as well as being amongst the most beautifully and immaculately finished of traditional Kataha carving knives (yanagiba is the direct translation of this). Handle specification: The lovely, somewhat understated visual impact and calibre of materials used to create this wonderfully comfortable handle, certainly matches the unquestionable quality of the spectacular edge. Using luxurious red sandalwood to create the traditional D Shaped handles combined with the seriously subtle (and rare) black collars amount to Yanagiba’s only matched by yanagiba in collections nearly double this price range.
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