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New Tradition

New Tradition

New Tradition - This wonderfully versatile collection of hand-assembled knives was designed for the preparation of fish but can be applied to many other culinary tasks. The blades are constructed from one layer of high strength Stainless Steel which is precision treated after forging to provide extreme sharpness, and finished with a second chamfered soft stainless layer which provides the hard, high carbon blade with flexibility adds weight and acts as a shock absorber. This collectable sextet features original Japanese style wood handles with simulated horn collars. Beautiful tailor-made wooden sheaths, which keep the blades safe and protect the razor sharp edge, are available for all six knives. The New Tradition Collection consists of three Yanagiba knives that are 'long thin leaf' shaped blades and three Deba knives that are wide, solid and heavy. Yanagiba The style and balance of these knives are particularly suitable for filleting, slicing and skinning fish and they are traditionally used for preparing Sashimi. These blades are also great for carving paper-thin slices of meat and preparing vegetables. These knives all come with beautiful custom made wooden sheaths for ultimate protection and the prices reflect this. Yanagiba blades come in three lengths 180mm (~7") 240mm (~9½") 300mm (~12") Deba Their width and weight make the Deba knives ideal for slicing through the body of the fish and de-heading, tailing and boning. They are also perfect heavy chopping work. Deba blades come in three lengths 150mm (~6") 165mm (~6½") and 180mm (~7")
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