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Miyabi 5000MCD 67 Ashwood

Miyabi 5000MCD 67 Ashwood

MIYABI 5000MCD 67 Santoku, 18cm blade. This Japanese santoku has an extremely hard MicroCarbide powder steel core for excellent cutting edge retention and sharpness. Santoku is the best-selling Japanese blade shape and the name translates as "Three Virtues", these being meat, fish and vegetables. The flat cutting edge lends itself to a chopping motion rather than the rocking cutting movement of European chef's knives. The blade core is surrounded by 132 outer layers of steel which make up the unique Damascus-design pattern on the blade. The cutting edge is Honbazuke-honed and symmetrical (not single bevel), so can be used by those both right and left-handed. There is no finger guard so the whole length of the cutting edge can be used. The black Ash wood handle sits comfortably in the hand, allowing firm control and tireless working. As with anything this special, care should be taken. It's recommended to hand wash only, maintain and sharpen on a whetstone and using glass, ceramic or stone cutting boards should be avoided.

  • Extremely hard MicroCarbide powder steel blade core
  • 132 layers of steel surrounding the core create the Damascus-design (133 Layers in total)
  • CRYODUR ice-hardened for extreme hardness
  • Rockwell hardness of approximately 66
  • Symmetrical cutting edge
  • Ashwood handle
  • Steel end-cap and handle mosaic pin
  • Made by MIYABI in Japan
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