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  1. Aogami Traditional Yanagiba (5 sizes)

    Aogami Traditional Yanagiba (5 sizes)
  2. Gold Horn Traditional Kiritsuki (2 sizes)

    64 Layer folded Aogami Kiritsuki - pointed tip slicing (like yanagiba) by Onishi. Please note the horn bolster is a natural product and therefore can vary in colour.
  3. Gold Horn Traditional Yanagiba (2 sizes)

    64 LAyer folded Aogami Yanagiba by Onishi with Saya Please note the horn bolster is a natural product and can therefore vary in colour.
  4. JKC Sushi Yanagiba 240mm

    Yanagiba translates to Willow Leaf. This is the most popular shape of knife used in sushi restaurants the world over. This classic Japanese single sided knife is unsurpassed at cutting the finest slices of food. Generally used for filleting fish this knife makes a wonderful carving blade for wafer thin slices of meat. With its one-sided edge this traditional Japanese knife is designed to cut very fine slices without affecting the shape of any food being cut. If preparing sushi or sashimi is your objective then there is no finer blade, it will slice through the crispest Nori sheet with intense delicacy and slice through the flakiest fish without disturbing the grain pattern. The narrow blade glides through the most difficult to cut food as if it were butter. The sharpness allows the user to work at extreme speed and still have absolute control. It is the perfect length for carving large pieces of meat as well as producing the finest slices of smoked salmon.

    SPECIAL NOTES: Not to be used on bone or for ANY kind of twisting or prising. CUT ONLY on wood or HDP. Do not allow Knives to be abused as screwdrivers, tin openers etc. Designed specifically for food preparation, FOR CULINARY USE ONLY.

  5. Miyako 33 Layers Yanagiba 240mm

    Miyako 33 Layers Yanagiba 240mm One of our most affordable ranges of high end Damascus knives! With a core of Hitachi AUS 8 steel, a high Carbon stainless steel (.8% - .95%C), that has the capacity to be hardened and toughened to a high level, it holds a sharp and enduring edge that is easy to regrind. The 33 layer blade is forged by a small family-run factory under the expert eyes of Oda san, a 4th generation blacksmith. Surgical sharpness, easy maintenance and an appealing aesthetic - all at the most accessible price. The D-shaped handles are formed from laminated hardwood and have a stainless steel bolster and end cap for comfort and balance.
  6. New Tradition Yanagiba Right (5 sizes)

    New Tradition Yanagiba Right (5 sizes)
  7. Shiro Traditional Yanagiba (5 sizes)

    Shirogami steel Yanagiba with mognolia handle.
  8. Takayuki Traditional Yanagiba (6 sizes)

    Takayuki Traditional Yanagiba
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8 Item(s)