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  1. Hasegawa Bread Knife

    Hasegawa Bread Knife

  2. Miyabi 5000MCD 67 Bread 240mm

    Cut bread, rolls and cakes easily and safely with this long Miyabi bread knife. The knife undergoes a special process during manufacture, which makes the blade flexible. The quality of the materials used in the manufacture ensures a long life of this knife. With its 24 cm length, the serrated blade of the Miyabi bread knife features a high grade MC66 steel core, encapsulated in a total of 132 layers of damask steel. This ensures stability and, at the same time, gives the blade an extraordinary appearance, since the multiple layers produce a distinctive floral pattern, unique to each knife. The blade hardens in a special process, reaching a hardness of about 66 rockwell. The handle of the knife is made of high quality wood with a nice black ash colour, which gives it a beautiful contrast with the blade. Its D shape provides ample control when cutting and avoids fatigue under prolonged use. You can cut large volumes of bread effortlessly and accurately with this 24 cm long kitchen knife from the Miyabi 5000MCD 67 series. Resistant to corrosion Blade made with 133 layers of steel and a Microcarbide core to achieve a hardness of up to 66 Rockwell The blade has the serrated edge, which simplifies the cutting of bread Traditional D-shaped handle made of black ash wood. Beautiful damask pattern
  3. Miyako 33 Layers Bread Knife 230mm

    Miyako 33 Layers Bread Knife 230mm One of our most affordable ranges of high end Damascus knives! With a core of Hitachi AUS 8 steel, a high Carbon stainless steel (.8% - .95%C), that has the capacity to be hardened and toughened to a high level, it holds a sharp and enduring edge that is easy to regrind. The 33 layer blade is forged by a small family-run factory under the expert eyes of Oda san, a 4th generation blacksmith. Surgical sharpness, easy maintenance and an appealing aesthetic - all at the most accessible price. The D-shaped handles are formed from laminated hardwood and have a stainless steel bolster and end cap for comfort and balance.
  4. Nagomi 33 Bread 230mm

    Nagomi 33 Layers molybdeum and vanadium steel

    Regular Price: £134.00

    Special Price £129.00

  5. Tojiro DP VG10 Bread Knife 215mm

    Tojiro DP VG10 Bread Knife 215mm
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5 Item(s)