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Konro Grill BQ-8T(for 8-12 persons)

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Shichirin Red Grill (for 2/4 persons)


Konro Grill BQ-17 (for 8-12 persons)

Konro Grill BQ-8T(for 8-12 persons)

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Konro Grill 770mm x 230mm x 200mm
Please read before use
Well ventilation required!!!
How to use
• Adjust the fire power by using the small air flow window on the side of the BBQ Grill
• Please ignite OUTSIDE with fully opening the air flow window on the BBQ Grill
• Check the BBQ Grill regularly. Replace any damaged parts before use

Danger of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning!
• Please ensure the place is well ventilated
• When the charcoal gets ignited, it creates Carbon Monoxide. If you have to use inside the building, please ensure to fully open the window more than 2-3 times every hour or all the times
• After the use and when no one cannot be on the sight, please store it in the safe place outside
• DO NOT USE any poor ventilated place such as inside cars or camping tents
• Main symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning is dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting, and may cause death

Danger of fire accident!
• DO NOT DIRECTLY PUT ANY FLAMABLE OBJECT UNDERNEATH OF THE GRILL! The base of the BBQ Grill can be very hot as it has the direct contact to burning charcoals
• If you move the Grill while using, please wear thick gloves to prevent from getting burnt
• Please note not to get hurt or burnt by the metal fittings on the BBQ Grills
• Ensure the fire is completely off after use

Additional Information

Function BBQ Grill
Material Diatomite bricks that have baked at 1,000°C for six hours
Size 770mm x 230mm x 200mm
Handle Type Metal
Purchase Includes Iron Net for grill
Care & Extra Notes Open the windows/doors after every 30 minutes to get fresh air if cooking indoor.
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