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Zanmai Pra

Specifically designed and aimed at the busy professional that requires the ultra sharpness possible only with a Japanese knife, consummately easy to resharpen and at a price that makes this the obvious alternative to European blades like Victorinox. 

We guarantee that the sharpness and durability of the edge, at this price, will astound you and will not be matched by any other range of knives available.

With 5 of the most popular shapes used by chefs in production, we plan to add other styles demanded by busy professionals over the coming months – these will include smaller sizes for peeling and paring work, serrated for slicing and bread, as well sturdy models for boning and flexible blades for filleting. 

The blades of these phenomenal professional blades are made from the highest quality of Japanese Molybdenum Vanadium Steel (over .8% Carbon!!!) and tempered to a hardness of 60 +/- 1 HRC. The resharpening is recommended to be done on a Medium (1000 – 1200 grit) water stone. The handles, with a busy working kitchen in mind, are made of a synthetic plastic with dimples for creating the best non-slip handle we have come across.

The maker is a family concern, where the father – Hasegawa san - a master knife smith produces hand forged knives of the highest quality and we sell these under the Zanmai Elite label. This range is also being made in the same city – Seki - using a modern OEM factory with state of the art machinery and methods by his sons – the next generation of this nokaji dynasty.

Zanmai Pra

Zanmai Pra Paring 90mm

Zanmai Pra Utility(120mm/150mm)

Zanmai Pra 180mm Santoku

Zanmai Pra 160mm Nakiri

Zanmai Pra Gyuto (Available in 3 sizes)

Zanmai Pra 225 Sujuhiki/Slicer

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