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Yasohiso VG10 Coreless

Damascus is a term with multiple meanings for a knife but has become widely known as a knife with a hard core that has been clad with several layers of softer steel that are then shot blasted to produce beautiful lines and configurations along the blade. The Yasohiso knives are more of a "True" Damascus knife. Multiple layers of VG10 and VG2 steel are welded together, forged and annealed to form a blade that is extremely light, thin and strong with a striking Damascus pattern. This is also referred to as a core-less knife, since there is no core of hard steel, but rather an entire multi-layered blade of hard steel.

The advantage of the coreless blade is its ability to resist chipping and deformation of the blade. It is also far more stable and relatively easy to maintain. With an octagonal handle with a bolster and end cap, something is rarely seen on other knives, the balance and handle of the knife are outstanding.

These knives represent the finest quality of kitchen knives without compromise.

Yasohiso VG10 Coreless

Yasohiso Coreless Petty 110mm

Yasohiso Coreless Utility 150mm

Yasohiso Coreless Nakiri 165mm

Yasohiso Coreless Santoku 180mm

Yasohiso Coreless Gyuto (3 Sizes)

Yasohiso Coreless Slicer 240mm

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