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If you want us to advise you on the shape of knife that best suits the way you cut, then upload a video here of you slicing (e.g how you would slice a tomato for a sandwich), dicing (e.g dicing a potato into 1" cubes for sauteing) and mincing (e.g a small piece of ginger) if you want a multi purpose chefs knife, or if your search is for a solution to a more specific task then send us video of you performing that task as you do now. We will then guide you to the best shape and/or knife for you.


If you need a review of your sharpening technique before undertaking work on a treasured knife, then upload a video here of you sharpening. Your video should be taken from in front of you with close up of your hands and knife working so we can clearly see the angle you are sharpening at (see our sharpening videos as an example). We will reply within 10 days with what, if anything, you need to correct.   

Similarly, please feel free to upload your video here for our advice on any aspect or problem you have with knife care or knife use, from how to remove scratches on your knife to improve your onion chopping technique!! 

Allowed file extensions: mpg, avi, wmv, mov, flv, 3gpp
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