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VG10 Honiyaki Collections

In the Heian Period (794 -1192) major iron production took place in the Tsuaru region near Mount Iwaki. Iron artefacts have been found near the city of Hirosaki indicating that fine swords, armaments and weapons were being produced in large quantities during this era to satisfy the demands made by generations of feuding between local clans. It is said that more than 100 ironworks were employed in the city at the time and their swords were as prized as those from Sakai and Miki.

As a part of the proud Tsugaru Uchihamono blacksmithing tradition, Yoshizawa san’s family has been producing great blades for over 350 years. As a rule, he only makes single bevel traditional Japanese style blades using High Carbon steels like Shirogami and Aogami like the Katana sword which are available by special order.  However, by the commission, he has produced 2 ranges exclusively for Japanese Knife Company.

This is 3 layers VG10 series. The whole blade is stainless, but the outer layers are very soft for easy sharpening and the core is tempered hard for superior edge retention. The Kiruichi (black surface) finish reduces the adhesion of sticky foods and gives these stunning blades a very traditional aesthetic. Yoshizawa san is a rare artisan that still laminates the steel himself and these Honyaki (true forge) blades are crafted from a small billet of steel that is beaten to the final shape. The handles are hand carved by his son and offer an outstanding knife with beautiful handling.

These are knives are available in very limited numbers as he only makes about 10 to 15 blades month between the 2 series.

VG10 Honiyaki Collections

VG10 Honiyaki Utility(135mm/150mm)

VG10 Honiyaki Santoku 180mm

VG10 Honiyaki Gyuto 210mm

VG10 Honiyaki Slicer 240mm

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