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Suisin Inox Honyaki Wa

The Suisin Inox Honyaki knives represent a perfect hybrid of traditional Japanese and Western style knives. `Wa’ stands for `Japanese,’ which refers to the thin, honyaki tempered Swedish steel with a traditional Japanese yew handle and a water buffalo horn bolster. The blade’s sharp 90:10 bevel makes it similar to a single sided edge, which is great for precision work. This line is the lightest knife in JKC collection and is highly recommended for those interested in tradition Japanese knives, while retaining all the practicality and user-friendliness of Western style knives.

  • HRc: 60 
  • Bevel: 90/10 
  • Steel Type: Stain Resistant

Suisin Inox Honyaki Wa

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Suisin Wa Kiritsuki (180mm/270mm)

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