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Suisin Inox Collection

Junro Aoki, the second son of the Aoki Knife Craft family, was eager to step apart from his family to create his own cherished knife brand. During the twenty years, he spent learning his craft, the young and energetic knife craftsman dreamed of someday creating knives that would combine the traditional qualities of Sakai-style knife-crafting techniques with more modern designs. In 1990, Mr. Aoki realised his dream and created the Suisin Collection

These knives are made of a unique combination of Inox high-carbon steel, chromium and molybdenum that gives them superior rust resistance. Hand finishing provides long lasting sharpness.

Suisin Inox Collection

Suisin Inox Paring

Suisin Inox Utility (120mm/150mm)

Suisin Inox 150mm Honesuki

Suisin Inox Gyuto (Available in 4 sizes)

Suisin Inox Sujihiki (Available in 3 sizes)

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