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Sharpening Classes

 The team at JKC are proud to offer a new sharpening class aimed to introduce the art of traditional whetstone sharpening to beginners. This 2-hour class is an opportunity for keen cooks and Chefs to gain a broad understanding of fine Japanese blades and how to maintain them.

Forging, steels, blade geometry, cutting techniques and a practical sharpening workshop will be covered allowing our team to pass on the valuable craft skill so you can enjoy the beauty of sharpness at home or at work.

To make the course even better value for money attendants can enjoy a 10% discounts on Knives or sharpening accessories during the course!

 "This course is focused on double bevelled kitchen knives only. We will be hosting a specialist course for single bevel blades separately".

Course Price – £99.00

Duration – 2 hours

Hosted at our 36 Baker st. branch on every fortnight Saturday from 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm. Call us for Booking at Baker St on 020 748 748 68.

Hosted at our 8 Greek st. (Soho) branch on every fortnight Wednesday  from 07:00 pm to 09:00 pmCall us for Booking at Greek St on 020 321 400 66.

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