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800/5000 Combination Stone

You are now the owner of one of the most efficient methods of maintaining a sharp edge.

Custom made for Japanese Knife Company in Osaka by a leading maker of abrasives, our Fine Ceramic sharpening stones have been specifically configured for the efficient maintenance of all high quality steel knives. The sharp shard profile grains are designed for rapid sharpening of all knives up to 64 – 66 HRC. These grains are bonded by ‘vitrification’ (baking) of the Medium side and Ceramic bonding of the Fine side.

The 800 (Medium) face of the stone will restore a dull knife quickly.

The 5000 (Fine) face will polish a sharpened knife to a fine hone. Finishing grain is used for getting rid of tiny scratches that are made by middle grain and doing “Kobadome” that is a method to make the edge stronger.

Knives should be maintained regularly – a little sharpening often is better than a lot of work infrequently. Frequent use of the Fine side will reduce the need of the Medium side and thus extend the life span of the knife.


Price: £89.00
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