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400 Grit Superstone

This stone has nodules specially designed to cut very hard alloys like VG10, Aogami, High Speed & Powder Steel that are set in Ceramic for longevity. The super sharp shard modules will cut hard steel with consummate ease whilst leaving a smooth finish that requires little polishing for most applications. The wide size makes it easier to sharpen long blades without splitting the work into too many sections.

The 400 grit is for creating new edges or re-establishing worn and tired edges.

Model Characteristics

  • Stone construction - 400 grains per sq. cm.
  • Cleaning - NOT RECOMMENDED for Dishwasher. Hand wash with toothbrush - mild detergent.
  • Maintenance - Occasional light sanding with fine sandpaper to achieve a flat surface.
  • Recommended for - Any metal blade
  • Storage & use - Dry and store in a waterproof box. Use near the sink with a good water supply.
  • Unit size - L 205mm X W 73mm X H 35mm
  • Country of Origin - Japan

SPECIAL NOTES: This stone CANNOT be used on ANY Ceramic knives.


Price: £64.00
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