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120 Grit Vitrified Stone

A very aggressive stone, the 120 grit is recommended only for repairing large chips, grinding back broken tips and re-profiling any fine knife or for sharpening very hard, dense European knives which need a lot of work to sharpen on a medium stone.

This stone is also good for those that need very fast results with very little work and are then going to smoothen the roughness with a finer stone.

This stand-alone stone is approx. 55mm thick, and as a rough vitrified stone wears out faster than a smoother, it lasts longer than the normal thin 10mm version commonly available.

This stone MUST be used judiciously as the combination of low grit and high sharpness of the shard shaped nodules, the steel is cut very rapidly.

Model Characteristics

  • Stone construction - 120 grains per sq. cm. 
  • Cleaning - NOT RECOMMENDED for Dishwasher. Hand wash with toothbrush - mild detergent.
  • Maintenance - Occasional light sanding with fine sand paper to achieve a flat surface.
  • Recommended for - Any metal blade
  • Storage & use - Dry and store in waterproof box. Use near the sink with a good water supply.
  • Unit size - L 213mm X W 54mm X H 54mm
  • Country of Origin - Japan

SPECIAL NOTES: This stone CANNOT be used on ANY Ceramic knives.


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