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Warikome Nakiri

Used exclusively in Japanese homes as a vegetable knife the nakiri looks to Western eyes like a cleaver; it is a very long way from such a rough heavy handed instrument. The original ‘kataha’ (single bevelled) form of the nakiri is called usuba. Usu means fine, ba means edge. So it is the absolute reverse of a cleaver being the ideal instrument to create paper thin slices of potato, to slice, dice and mince onions, garlic, ginger as fine as you want and get ingredients of varying textures as infinitesimally tiny as you wish ………………

SPECIAL NOTES: Not to be used on bone or for ANY kind of twisting or prising. CUT ONLY on wood or HDP. Do not allow Knives to be abused as screwdrivers, tin openers etc. Designed specifically for food preparation, FOR CULINARY USE ONLY.



Blade Length: 160mm

Total Length:  290mm

Thickness: 1.5mm  

Total Weight: 148g

Core steel:  VG 10

Laminate steel: High carbon stainless

Rockwell:  60-62

Layers: 3

Handle: Rose wood with silicon injection

Country of Origin: Japan

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Price: £94.00
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