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Tamahagane Santoku (160mm & 175mm)

Santoku literally translates as ‘three benefits’ – slicing, dicing and mincing. This shape is now becoming a byword for anyone looking for a Japanese style chefs knife. One small issue that has always concerned us at JKC is that with its relatively straight edge profile, the Santoku has never been as efficient when used in a very classic western rolling cut action as the more curved western style edge profiles like the Kengata.

Inspired by the unparallel functionality of a Samurai sword, which is slightly curved, we asked the Arai blacksmiths to apply a gentle curve to the spine of the knife so the whole blade, whilst retaining a traditional straighter edge of the classic Santoku allows for an easier rolling action more in keeping with the way most of western hands use a chefs knife. Another small but revolutionary change from a classic Santoku is the slightly more pointed tip end – to make this Santoku more efficient then others when working with raw or cooked flesh. These minor, and unique changes in the overall profile of the blade has resulted in what we have found to be the most awesomely efficient chefs knife available in this price category. The breadth of this minutely curved blade is ideally suited for resting against the knuckle for total control and speed as well as complete safety when chopping straight down using the very back of the knife for grater like mincing of garlic, ginger etc. This perfectly shaped knife will float through any task. This longer model is ideal for those more comfortable with a larger knife.

Stunningly beautiful, scalpel sharp and easy to resharpen, these knives are stainless and very easy to maintain.

The 35 layers not only make these blades aesthetically appealing but add immense strength thus facilitating a thinner, yet stronger, and therefore sharper blade.
The central core of the 35 layer JKC Tamahagane Damascus steel is a High Carbon Super Steel known as VG10. This High Carbon Super Steel has the highest recommendations in the production of knives by authorities such as the British Steel Confederation and the Solingen Institute of Steel. The JKC 35 Layer Tamahagane Collection blades have all been hardened to an outstanding 60:62 HRC and with the inclusion of Cobalt in the alloy are easier to maintain than most Stainless High Carbon or other VG10 blades.

The ergonomic traditional handles are composed of Ebony black Pakkawood, a laminated hard wood with silicon injection, which is reserved for only the finest knives and secured to the tang by three steel rivets for ultimate durability.

SPECIAL NOTES: Hand wash only. Not to be used on bone or for ANY kind of twisting or prising. CUT ONLY on wood or HDP. Do not allow Knives to be abused as screwdrivers, tin openers etc. Designed specifically for food preparation, FOR CULINARY USE ONLY.

Includes: One Free Sharpening


Blade Length: 160mm/175mm

Total Length:  290mm/297mm

Thickness: 2mm  

Total Weight: 156g/164g

Core steel:  VG 10

Laminate steel: SUS410

Rockwell:  60-62

Layers: 35

Handle: Pakka wood with silicon injection

Country of Origin: Japan

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Price: £134.00
Blade Construction

VG10 35 Layers Blade.

Handle Construction

Ebony black Pakkawood.


NOT RECOMMENDED for Dishwasher. Hand wash – mild detergent. DRY IMMEDIATELY

Blade Length

160mm & 175mm

Country of Origin


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