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New Tradition Yanagiba (180,210,240,270 & 300mm)

Yanagiba translates to Willow Leaf. This is the most popular shape of knife used in sushi restaurants the world over. This classic Japanese single sided knife is unsurpassed at cutting the finest slices of food. Generally used for filleting fish this knife makes a wonderful carving blade for wafer thin slices of meat. With its one-sided edge this traditional Japanese knife is designed to cut very fine slices without affecting the shape of any food being cut.

The 15315 are 300mm (~12") in length! Designed for those that want a long blade this is the length of short Samurai Sword. This blade has the capacity to undertake the most demanding tasks without any effort. If preparing sushi or sashimi is your objective then there is no finer blade, it will slice through the crispest Nori sheet with intense delicacy and slice through the flakiest fish without disturbing the grain pattern. The narrow blade glides through the most difficult to cut food as if it were butter. This length of blade is only recommended for those who are at home with 'extreme' knives.

Please note that as result of the tremendous amount of publicity and accolades that have been granted the New Tradition Collection there are several copies now on the market. It should be remembered that with its single sided edge, for ease of maintenance, this style of knife should always be constructed from High Carbon Steel NEVER Stainless Steel. If you are seeking the best, then like all JKC New Tradition knives, it should be layered with soft stainless steel for weight, strength and shock absorption.

All knives come with a beautiful custom made wooden sheath for ultimate protection.


SPECIAL NOTES: This knife should not be used for ANY kind of twisting or prising. Do not use on bone or frozen foods.


Blade Length: 180mm/210mm/240mm/270mm

Total Length: 300mm/340mm/375mm/410mm

Thickness: 3mm/4mm/4mm/4mm

Total Weight: 94g/116g/154g/204g

Core steel:  

Laminate steel: Soft Stainless




Country of Origin: Japan

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