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New Tradition Kaisaki 120mm

A Kaisaki is the shorter version of a Yanagiba. This knife is designed for most general tasks in the kitchen where a smaller size is preferred. Like all New Tradition knives it is single sided, though being shorter than a Yanagiba it is easier to use.

The 15340WS is 120mm (~4¾") in length. The short length of this blade makes it ideal for paring and peeling. Preferred by those more comfortable with a small blade, it is long enough to cope with most day-to-day cutting tasks. With its razor sharp, High Carbon layered with soft stainless steel, blade this knife will tackle most jobs with ease. Indeed with its brothers the Kodeba, Usuba and Santoku it is a firm favourite of the Japanese housewife.

Please note that as result of the tremendous amount of publicity and accolades that have been granted the New Tradition Collection there are several copies now on the market. It should be remembered that with its single sided edge, for ease of maintenance, this style of knife should always be constructed from High Carbon Steel NEVER Stainless Steel. If you are seeking the best, then like all JKC New Tradition knives, it should be layered with soft stainless steel for weight, strength and shock absorption.

This knife comes with a beautiful custom made wooden sheath for ultimate protection.

Model Characteristics
Blade construction - Fully forged. High Carbon Stainless Steel layered with Soft Stainless Steel.
Handle construction - Traditional Hoe wood, simulated horn collar.
Cleaning - NOT RECOMMENDED for Dishwasher. Hand wash - mild detergent.
Sharpening - JKC KC 110 Single Sided Water Wheel Sharpener or JKC Whetstone Kit.
Storage - In the wooden sheath / in the packaging box / separate area in knife drawer / magnetic knife bar.
Blade length - 120mm (~4¾").
Country of Origin - Japan.

SPECIAL NOTES: This knife should not be used for ANY kind of twisting or prising. Do not use on bone or frozen foods.
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Price: £94.00
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