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Hammer Gyuto (210mm & 240mm)

At 140 grams this is the lightest 210mm Gyuto we have ever encountered. Whilst weight/heft has erroneously been associated with quality for years we are happily in an enlightened age where different characters of knife are appreciated for their own unique idiosyncratic qualities. The indefinable balance of this effortlessly light blade is matched by its extreme edge potential. The 210mm and 240mm Hammer models have been described as ‘deliciously deadly’ and ‘the ultimate kitchen weapon’. This is born out by the many chefs from fining dining and revered restaurant kitchens who own one and more Hammer blades , they are testimony to the uniquely fine quality of these knives.

Totally hand made in Seki by a group of highly skilled 3rd generation nokaji – the Hammer Collection of hand hammered Damascus blades glide through everything. Remember to wet blade before cutting very dense ingredients like swede or butternut squash. This enables a sharp edge to slide through very dense substances without resorting to dangerous application of pressure on spine down.

HANDLE NOTES - D shaped, composed of luxurious sandalwood with black lacquered wooden collars.

SPECIAL NOTES: Not to be used on bone or for ANY kind of twisting or prising. CUT ONLY on wood or HDP. Do not allow Knives to be abused as screwdrivers, tin openers etc. Designed specifically for food preparation, FOR CULINARY USE ONLY.



Blade Length: 210mm / 240mm

Total Length:  350mm / 387mm  

Thickness: 2mm  

Total Weight: 145g / 168g

Core steel:  Swedish Sandvik 19C27

Laminate steel: soft stainless

Rockwell:  60-62

Layers: 45

Handle: Red sandalwood with
            black lacquered wooden collars

Country of Origin: Japan

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Price: £189.00
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