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Pro J Collection

The Pro J Collection marks the introduction of the revolutionary ZA-18 to the art of knife making.

Master nokaji Kawamura san is the current protagonist of a sword making dynasty dating back to the Keiwa Period (1345 – 1349). For over 660 years this family of blacksmiths have passed on the knowledge and secrets of forging the finest swords and knives from father to son. Each generation perfecting the accomplishments of their forebears and refining their creations by combining long treasured techniques with the advancements of their time…to reach higher and higher standards. Now this highly regarded skill is applied to the practicality of the market and thus the changing demands of their customers are fulfilled and this case probably exceeded.

Current demand is for kitchen blades that are surgically sharp, have enduring edges and are easy to sharpen. Hammer finished knives that provide the additional functionality of reduced sticking and appealing look is particularly popular.

Most Japanese makers have recognised these requirements and are producing knives to satisfy the qualities that meet these criteria. From outstanding hand forged blades by master nokaji’s  to multinational corporations, in the mid-price market, nearly all use VG10 Steel as their core material.

To produce a knife at an accessible price that outperforms these VG10 blades, Kawamura san has used a recently developed Super Steel from the Aichi Steel Company called ZA-18 as the core material.  The Chemical Composition of ZA-18 is similar to VG-10, but contains higher Carbon (1.20 vs. 1.05), Chromium (18.0 vs. 15.5), Molybdenum (1.50 vs. 1.20) and Cobalt (1.80 vs. 1.5) for added toughness, durability and rust-resistance. It is heat treated and then ice hardened (Sub-Zero quench) to the Rockwell hardness of HRC 60-62.

The hammer forged Tsuchime blade is of a 3 layer construction with outer layers of AUS2 soft stainless steel to further the ease of sharpening whilst protecting the core steel and making the blade extra strong and less prone to bending and chipping with the different hardnesss of the layers.

The Pro J Collection is the first kitchen knife to use this new formula steel of ZA-18, so we are excited to introduce and add this new line.

The handle is made of Black-Pakkawood with a red micro fibre spacer and stainless steel bolster. The ergonomic design with an angled bolster fits perfectly in the hand for prolonged use.

Pro J Collection

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