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Nagomi Maru Collection

The Nagomi Maru Series, made in Seki, Japan, a town long known for its cutlery due to centuries of Samurai sword making. Meticulously crafted by a cutlery master in the town.  A full tang solid stainless steel is made from an ice hardened 440 high carbon stainless steel. Entire blade is soaked into the -170°degree Nitrogen liquid to have blade extra flexibility and longer edge retention plus non-rusting properties.

The goal of Nagomi Maru series, is to promote Harmony  and Comfort through a unique design element, is to simplify the food preparation experience which will ultimately result in exceptional meals to be enjoyed by yourself, your family and friends. Make you fun to cook with these knives.

Nagomi Maru Collection

Nagomi Maru Set

Nagomi Maru Paring 90mm

Nagomi Maru Cake Knife 155mm

Nagomi Maru Santoku 180mm

Nagomi Maru Gyuto 210mm

Nagomi Maru Slicer 220mm

Nagomi Maru Bread 210mm

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