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Nagomi 33 Layers Collection

Mitsuboshi Cutlery Company has been producing fine cutlery, edged tools and, in an earlier time, Samurai swords, since 1873. With almost 150 years of experience and in the hands of the same family since inception for 5 generations, they are amongst the most experienced makers of knives in Japan. The Nagomi Collection is their finest range of kitchen knives.

Cold forged from a 33 Layer Damascus steel, these handmade knives are the perfectly answer for someone looking for Japanese sharpness & cutting ability, German toughness whilst having the ability to re-sharpen with consummate ease. The toughness means the knife edge is more forgiving if used with pressure and less prone to damage if impacted against a hard surface.

Mitsuboshi has achieved this by utilising a layer of AUS 8 steel at the core as opposed to the normally used VG10 Super steel. AUS 8 has the ability to be toughened more with cold forging and provides similar edge sharpness. The core AUS 8 is not as hard but the difference of 2 HRC doesn’t significantly reduce edge retention whilst making a blade of this toughness easier to maintain.

The cold forging further allows more weight in the blade of the same fine thickness so it feels more substantial than other Japanese knives. The handles are made of a composite wood that is durable, water resistant with the feel unique to organic materials.


Nagomi 33 Layers Collection

Nagomi 33 Layers Petty 100mm

NAGOMI 33 LAYERS Utility 140MM

Nagomi 33 Layers Sanwich 150mm

Nagomi 33 Layers Santoku 180mm

Nagomi 33 Layers Gyuto 210mm

Nagomi 33 Layers Bread 230mm

Nagomi 33 Layers Slicer 250mm

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