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Misono Handmade Collection

Misono is amongst the most respected names in Japan knife making. It is considered to be the Rolls Royce of Japanese knives. The factory, based in Seki City,  produces several ranges and the Molybdenum Vanadium Handmade Series is the range that offers the best value to performance. Using A High Carbon stainless steel toughened with Vanadium and rust resistant with Molybdenum. Forging by hand, Misono has achieved a blade of extreme sharpness and one that is easy to sharpen with a Hardness of 58+/-1 HRC.

The Handmade Series is a fully forged single layer construction, and as such the user MUST ensure the knife is maintained very regularly. If you allow the edge of this magnificent knife to go totally dull it can be harder to restore to full sharpness than a laminated or Damascus blade. However, being tempered slightly softer than most other JKC knives it is not difficult to keep razor sharp.

The handles are a laminated hard wood with Silicon injection for durability.

JKC offers 10 shapes that cover virtually any culinary requirement

Misono Handmade Collection

Misono Handmade 80mm Utility

Misono Handmade 120mm Paring

Misono Handmade Santoku (Available in 3 Sizes)

Misono Handmade Gyuto (Available in 3 sizes)

Misono Handmade Sujihiki (Available in 2 sizes)

Misono Handmade 150mm Utility

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