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Masakage Kumo

The bewitchingly intricate beauty of these 33 layers Damascus knives is matched by their effectiveness and unparalleled ease of maintenance. The central core is VG10 which is laminated with 16 layers of soft stainless on each side.

The inevitable disbelief of customers upon hearing that blades can be made and kept considerably keener by brushing the edge on a newspaper is easily dissolved, as nearly all our knives can easily be transformed into utter sharpness this way. Due to the ultra-thinness of the central core, and exceptional qualities innate within these very special traditionally made blades the edge can be taken from resisting tomato skin backwards and forwards to absolutely silky cutting action within under 30 seconds of stropping on newspaper.

Handles are octagonal and comprised of luxurious and enduring polished dark brown sandalwood, with black lacquered collars.

Blade material: VG10 centercore, laminated in Stainless

Hardness: 61:62HRC

Left or right handed: Both

Handle style: Japanese

Masakage Kumo collection is available online only.


Masakage Kumo

Masakage Kumo Utility(130mm & 150mm)

Masakage Kumo Bunka 165mm

Masakage Kumo Nakiri 165mm

Masakage Kumo Santoku 165mm

Masakage Kumo Gyuto 210mm/240mm

Masakage Kumo Slicer 270mm

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