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Marunao Chopsticks

Sanjo-shi Niigata Prefecture

Marunao founded in 1939 as a sculpture to decorate temples and shrines in Sanjo city, Niigata prefecture. 
"MARUNAO", a trademark, is named after the name of the first Naoetsu and the round form of Mugenping car which is the origin of the business. 
The traditional technique of sculpture seeking a precise depiction of details is inherited to product creation with high accuracy and beautiful finish. Since it is the production center of the instruments and craftsmanship and since it is a location where precious woods are easy to obtain from long ago, hardwoods such as ebony and rosewood are used, and chopsticks that make full use of the characteristics are being manufactured.

Marunao_001 Marunao _ 002

Marunao Chopsticks

Marunao Chopsticks WPC+Ebony (Purple)

Marunao Chopsticks (Ebony+ Artificial Marble) 103502

Marunao Carry along Chopsticks (103511)

Marunao Snakewood Chopsticks(103513)

Marunao Chopsticks with GOLD(IPPIN Scorpion)

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