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Knife Skill Tutorial

Knife Use – Cutting Techniques and Sharpening the Japanese Way

1) Jay introduces keen cooks to the safest and most effective way to use this most essential of kitchen tools.

2) He will introduce you to techniques which not only enable you to provide attractively presented dishes, but also give you the building blocks to cut with the ease of a truly seasoned professional, allowing comfort, confidence and with practice, greater speed and efficiency, performing what should be the most enjoyable of kitchen tasks – carving, slicing, mincing, dicing, boning, filleting will all be studied, not just demonstrated.

3) We will assist you in choosing the very best shapes and sizes of blades for your specific needs. We do not believe in encouraging people to buy knives in large sets – a rather clever European marketing tool that leaves many people with a many blades they never use, so effectively 80% of the money spent has been wasted – most people say they tend to use only 2 knives from any given set and then find themselves having to buy again for specific requirements.

4) Jay will teach you how to get the very best from your blades – this is comprised of

The rules of knife care :

The essential and fundamental principles of knife sharpening. This can be adapted according to where your natural skills lie. For example if you already use a whetstone he will reveal some treasured tips on how to use your stone to best effect and how to acquire and maintain smoothness on any good quality blades without needing to use special equipment. If you do not use a stone but are blessed with manual dexterity he will introduce you to the principles of whetstone use so that you can acquire fine edges at home with ease. If you happen to be somewhat clumsy in that particular department he will help to solve the eternal problem of sharpening at home easily and effectively.

5) Any specific cutting requirements you may have, just ask.


Each basic module £199.00 (individual tuition) – approx.3 hours

Advanced modules (concentrating on specific techniques and understanding) – POA


To book please telephone our Kensington Branch on 020 7937 5057 allowing at least one week notice.

Bookings will be made by private arrangement according to Jay’s availability.

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