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Kida 63 Layers

Made by the master blacksmiths of Tojiro, these are custom handmade knives exclusively for the Japanese Knife Company. Working from a small forge near the main factory these outstanding blacksmiths take a small billet of an exclusive 63 Layer steel with a VG10 core and hand hammered to create blades of outstanding beauty and ultimate functionality.

Being totally hammered by hand, the density of the very thin core is high and therefore the edge retention and toughness is amongst the best we have experienced of any knife of this sharpness.

Hardened to an outstanding 62:64 HRC these blades are consummately easy to maintain.

The Handles are also hand crafted from DuPont Corian for a smooth, modern look accentuated by red lines on either side of the tang.

These are amongst the highest grade of handmade Japanese knives.  

Kida 63 Layers

Kida 63 Layers Utility(120mm/150mm)

Kida 63 Layers Nakiri 165mm

Kida 63 Layers Santoku 170mm

Kida 63 Layers Gyuto (180mm/210mm)

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