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JKC Sushi Collection

Single bevel blades are the best for preparing fish. These traditional Japanese knives require a different technique to use and many chefs who buy them eventually find that the style is not suitable for them – we at JKC have sourced a range of very high-quality blades that are priced for the professional or passionate cook to be able to purchase a blade and gain experience with it before investing in a really fine blade. The knives of this collection are also perfect for the domestic cook who wants to have a specialist fish knife that will only have occasional use.

We have achieved our objectives by finding a commercial maker from Tsubame City in Nigata Prefecture – the Sheffield of Japan and getting him to machine produce a knife from a single layer of high carbon M/V steel. This provides a very sharp edge that is relatively easy to sharpen for 2 or 3 years in a busy professional kitchen and will certainly give a domestic user a decade or 2 of service.

To complete the range for those seeking the same look for all their knives we have also added 2 regular western style knives – but in the Japanese tradition. A santoku and a Nakiri. 

JKC Sushi Collection



JKC Sushi Deba

JKC Sushi Kodeba

JKC Sushi Yanagiba (Available in 4 sizes)

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