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JKC 63 Layers Collection

2000 years ago the blacksmiths of Damascus in ancient Syria discovered multiple layers gave greater toughness, flexibility and cold edge strength than a single identically thick layer of the same material. This discovery enabled them to create swords of iron that became the envy of the world. Over the centuries the secrets of folding and layering steel passed, via Northern Europe, Russia and finally China to Japan. The Japanese with their characteristic brilliance for adopting ideas and improving on them took this knowledge and elevated it to heights beyond the conception of all others. This was the birth of the legendary Samurai Sword – multiple layers of steel folded again and again (often creating over 2,000,000 layers!!!) till a sword was born that would create myths and legends. 

Current times and technology have rendered the sword obsolete, so Nokaji dynasties applied their art to creating tools currently in demand, such as kitchen knives. It is universally acknowledged that the Japanese produce the world’s finest knives.

The JKC 63 Layer Damascus Collection is forged by sandwiching a sheet of High Carbon Chrome Vanadium (HCCV) stainless steel between 31 Layers of Nickel stainless on either side. The HCCV central core has .8% - .95% Carbon and the ability to hold a considerably more enduring edge (usually 40% - 60% longer) than the finest Western knives. The multiple layers are twisted drilled and compressed several times during the layering process; once ground and treated with Aqua Regia (a mild acid solution), intricate wood-like patterns appear that mesmerise the eye.

The final tempering to 58:60 HRC a blade capable of being honed to an edge so sharp it would be at home in any surgeons hand. The soft 31 layers on either side protect the fine central core. The inherent quality of the HCCV steel to produce small carbides combined with the softness of the outer layers makes this one of the easiest knives to re-sharpen knives.  Furthermore, the small carbides produce an ultra silky smooth edge rendering textures virtually imperceptible. Customers testing them at our shop often ask us if the potatoes we have provided them to cut have been boiled. We assure you they are not!! 

The complexity of construction and necessity for processes achievable only by the hand of an elite master smith meant the intricate beauty and astounding effectiveness of these silky smooth, folded and layered blades were exclusively the domain of the very rich.  Now, thanks to exhaustive research, the Japanese Knife Company has sourced a small workshop in Nigata Prefecture, primarily involved in making custom knives for discerning Japanese chefs and contracted them to produce this range of knives that is within the reach of all.

JKC 63 Layers Collection

JKC 63 Layer Gyuto (Available in 4 Sizes)

JKC 63 Layer Santoku (160mm / 175mm)

JKC 63 Layer Nakiri Fruit & Vegetable

JKC 63 Layer Peeling & Paring

JKC 63 Layer Utility 150mm

JKC 63 Layer Sujuhiki (240mm & 270mm)

JKC 63 Layer PEELING (70MM)

JKC 63 Layer Bread 230mm

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