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Hiroyoshi Furuta Collection

You are now the owner of one of the finest hand forged knives in the world. Using forging techniques perfected over centuries in the making of samurai swords, a small group of artisan blacksmiths working under the direction and experienced eyes of Kiyohiro Furuta created this range of knives to satisfy the demanding challenges set by Japanese Knife Company.

23 Layer High Carbon Ao 2 Damascus steel

Your Furata knife uses a 23 Layer Damascus Steel – a central core of High Carbon Aogami No.2 (Blue Super 2) steel which is clad with 11 layers of soft iron steel for ease of sharpening and thinning whilst retaining the sharpness and edge endurance of this High Grade central core of Traditional Japanese Steel. THE KNIFE WILL OXIDISE AND SHOULD BE COATED WITH TSUBAKI OIL after washing and drying immediately.

The Kiruichi Tsuchime Finish

The black finish on the knife is called Kiruichi. This is the oxidised material left on the blade when it comes out of the furnace and has not been polished off but coated with a chemical stabilizer to prevent further rapid oxidisation of the High Carbon steel. IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT THIS WILL RUB OFF IN TIME TO REVEAL THE SILVER TOP LAYER OF STEEL – THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL. The Tsuchime finish is where the dents left by the hammer during forging and prevents a vacuum forming when cutting fatty, oily or starchy textures so the food does not stick as much as on smooth surface.

The Handle

Hand crafted from a sustainable hardwood and strengthened with an Ebony collar the handles are a traditional D Shape for comfort and safety.

Hiroyoshi Furuta Collection

Hiroyoshi Furuta Utility 135mm

Hiroyoshi Furuta Santoku 165mm

Hiroyoshi Furuta Nakiri 165mm

Hiroyoshi Furuta Gyuto 210mm

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