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Knife Guards

Protect your premium knives from damage and yourself from possible injury. The projective knife guards have soft lining to preserve the knife blade from scraches and the cutting edge from the scraches and the cutting edge from accidental damage; the perfect protection for storage or knives on the move.


  • Heavy duty material for lasting protection
  • Soft brushed cotton lining prevents scratches
  • Assorted sizes fit a wide range of knife syles
  • Off-set design makes it easy to slip on and off

Special Note: Carefully place the heel of the knife into the protective blade cover until the entire edge is enclosed. Please follow the procedure exactly to avoid injuries.

Knife Guards

Sheath for Paring knife (Up to 130mm)

Sheath for Utility (Up to 160mm)

Sheath for Gyuto (Up to 260MM)

Sheath for Slicer/Yanagiba (Up to 310mm)

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