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Hasegawa 33 Layers

In February 2009 we introduced the Zanmai Elite Collection, made by an outstanding blacksmith called Yasuhisa Hasegawa. The collection was an instant success especially amongst cooks favouring lighter tools; they loved the deftness these delicately beautiful handmade blades lent their cutting techniques. However, some customers found these multiple beaten blades too delicate and light having used heavy European knives for most of their lives and being accustomed to a more conventional Western style handle. So we asked Hasegawa-san to produce a knife of similar quality and performance but with a Western handle and more weight. The result is a firm sturdily balanced blade with an amazing edge.  We felt it was time to give credit to their creator thus have christened this the Hasegawa Collection. The increase in weight has been achieved by beating the blade only once instead of several times. Whilst this lesser beaten blade has a slightly narrower steel crystal/molecular structure than the Zanmai Elite Collection the blades are extremely durable and, needless to say infinitely easier to maintain than any western knife. 

All steel and other construction details are the same as the Zanmai Elite Collection these 33 layers Damascus blades have a very thin specially forged VG10 steel central core protected by 16 layers of alternating High Nickel, Low Nickel soft steel on each side. The knives are totally handmade using a hydraulic hammer creating a wider and longer mass, which is then cut away by laser.

These collections have what is known as a Hamaguri (Clam shell) grind which means the side of the knife is very slightly curved adding immense toughness to the blades – the edge sharpening is the same as other knives. 

Hasegawa handles are composed of a stunning Desert Iron Wood with three steel rivets to fix the handle onto the full tang. The Bolster has very gentle, deep and long curve to minimise calluses and strains during prolonged use.

This collection of 8 shapes – 110mm Paring/Utility, 150mm Utility, 165mm Nakiri, 180mm Santoku, 180mm, 210mm and 240mm Gyuto, 225mm Slicer covering most of the primary culinary tasks of the discerning cooks' kitchen.

Hasegawa 33 Layers

Hasegawa Paring 110mm

Hasegawa Utility 150mm

Hasegawa Santoku 180mm

Hasegawa Slicer 240mm/270mm

Hasegawa Gyuto (Available in 3 sizes)

Hasegawa Nakiri (Fruit & Vegetable)

Hasegawa Bread Knife

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