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Hammer Collection

Made in Seki by a small group of nokaji whose skills have been passed down over the course of 3 generations, Hammer Collection blades are amongst the sharpest we sell within their price point and beyond. The bewitchingly intricate beauty of these 33 layers Damascus knives is matched by their effectiveness and unparalleled ease of maintenance. The central core is VG10 which is laminated with 16 layers of soft stainless on each side.

The hand hammered surface of the blade fulfils a number of practical functions as well as imbuing an intriguing pattern unique to each maker. By hand hammering the body of the blade's molecules are pushed closer together thus increasing strength and toughness, a much needed addition to these satiny edges tho’ enduring are delicate. The hand hammer process also allows the actual edge to be innately more even thus facilitating easy re-sharpening. Also, the random hollows along the body of the blade act like ‘granton' indentations thus ensuring that ingredients fall away more easily.

The knives of the Hammer Collection hold a very special significance to JKC as they are the perfect tool to demonstrate the edge maintenance technique we call stropping. The inevitable disbelief of customers upon hearing that blades can be made and kept considerably keener by brushing the edge on a newspaper is easily dissolved, as nearly all our knives can easily be transformed into utter sharpness this way. Due to the ultra thinness of the central core, and exceptional qualities innate within these very special traditionally made blades the edge can be taken from resisting tomato skin backwards and forwards to absolutely silky cutting action within under 30 seconds of stropping on newspaper.

Handles are D shaped and comprised of luxurious and enduring red sandalwood, with black lacquered collars.

The Hammer Collection comprises 150mm Utility; 160mm Nakiri (for fruit and vegetables); 170mm Santoku (Japanese style general purpose); 180mm and 210mm Gyuto (Japanese interpretation of European Chefs knife) and 240mm Sujihiki (Carving and Slicing). 

Hammer Collection

Hammer Gyuto

Hammer Utility 150mm

Hammer Nakiri 160mm

Hammer Santoku 180mm

Hammer Slicer 240mm

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