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One of the most useful tools in the preparation of ingredients for nearly every style of cooking is the modern style micro grater. Various grades of coarseness create different results from fine shreds to a complete pulp.

Microplane, from the USA, are the originators and best known makers of Micro Graters. Triangle of Germany, manufacturers of professional quality food preparation tools, also makes a small compact range of Micro Graters.

We have selected 2 ranges from brand leader Microplane – the premium Walnut Handled Series which not only performs at the highest level but with the Walnut handle and solid feel will enhance the aesthetics of any kitchen. The 2nd series is most popular with working chefs whose priority is functionality.

The Triangle Series has a metal handle and has been chosen for functionality over aesthetic or ergonomic values.

Microplane graters are using an original chemical process, perfected in over 40 years experience to create long-lasting, ultra-sharp cutting edges which are guaranteed for life.

Whichever model you select, making pastes and shreds from things like ginger or garlic, etc or grating parmesan cheese will be fast, efficient and effortless. 


Master Zester Grater

Master Fine Grater

Master Coarse Grater

Master Ribbon Grater

Master Extra Coarse Grater

Premium Classic Zester Grater

Triangle Parmesan Grater with Catcher

Triangle Fine Grater with Catcher

Triangle Coarse Grater with Catcher

Triangle Parmesan Grater

Triangle Fine Grater

Triangle Medium Grater

Triangle Coarse Grater

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