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Gold Horn Traditional

This collection of traditional Japanese knives is forged by Master Swordsmith – Myojin san, a blacksmith licensed by the Japanese Ministry of Culture to forge 2 swords a month.

Working with his son from a remote hamlet 70 kilometres from Tosa on the island of Shikoku, it takes between 10 & 15 days to forge a standard sword. This leaves a few days free each month during which time the pair turn their experience in forging Katana blades to produce these amazing knives that are not only ultimately functional but works of beauty that exemplifies the art of blade making.

The hard, cutting face of the knife, made of Aogami No. 1, is forge-welded to a 5 fold soft iron steel – 32 layers plus the hard face totalling 33 layers. These classic Kasumi construction knives are hand ground by a master craftsman and then edged, polished, treated with Aqua Regina before being handled with Japanese Magnolia and a Stag horn ferrule by Myojin san.

As Myojin san only produces these amazing knives when he is not forging swords, they are available in very numbers.

It should be noted that both Aogami and soft iron steel are NOT stainless and require oiling with Tsubaki oil offer washing and immediate drying.

Gold Horn Traditional

64 Layer Hon DEBA

64 Layer Hon 180US

Gold Horn Traditional(Slicer)

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