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Brieto Triple Layer Pro Collection

The Brieto Triple Layer Professional Collection is constructed from an exceptional quality 3 layer stainless steel. The central layer (cutting edge) is High Carbon Steel (HCMV) which has Chromium, Vanadium and Molybdenum added to make it tough and stainless. The 2 outer layers are of soft stainless steel (SUS 405). This range of knives is fully forged and with its full tang, 3 rivets and smooth bolstered shoulder provide blades of exceptional balance.

The hard central core ensures a long enduring edge. The hardness achieved from the HCMV steel with expert Japanese tempering and the high carbon content, a Rockwell rating of 59 HRC + /- 1 is achieved! This allows the edge to be ground to a shallower angle creating a blade of breathtaking sharpness. The 2 softer outer layers make the task of re-sharpening consummately easy, as the bulk of the blade that needs to be reground is soft steel. This also provides more cushioning and absorption qualities than knives constructed from a single layer of hard steel, as well as providing weight for balance and feel.

This Professional Collection has been designed and manufactured for use by the serious amateur or busy professional and has proved most popular with Commi Chefs and Junior Sous. It not only provides exceptional value with long edge retention and is easy to sharpen, but that has the feel and balance of knives far more expensive. The 13 knives of this Collection cover every culinary task with new shapes being added all the time.

The Handles are a laminated hardwood with resin injection for durability.

Brieto Triple Layer Pro Collection

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